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Company Introduction

Shenzhen OSCOM Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, focus on the developing and manufacturing of fiber processing equipments, optical test instruments and optical components. OSCOM has researched and developed the technology and market in fiber communication, industrial laser and fiber sense for more than 15 years, departments include market, R&D, manufacturing etc., we always service our customers with relative technology and information, create value for our customers and grow together.
OSCOM mainly develop the technologies based on the fiber processing, include fiber tapering system, CO2 laser fusing splicer, fiber ultrasonic cleaver, fiber ball making, fiber stripper, etc.. Especially the fiber tapering equipments of OSCOM have created wealth for many domestic customers such as Shandong Rayzer Optical Technology CO., Ltd., Photop Optics Co., Ltd., Maxphotonics, Co., Ltd., Wuhan Raycus, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company, Shenzhen Super Laser Technology CO.,LTD., Advanced fiber resource CO., Ltd., Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., Lasfiberio Co., Ltd., etc., and export to South Korea, Japan and India.
OSCOM develop kinds of optical test instruments including test light source, optical power meter, optical components manufacturing test platform, optical fiber amplifier, optical switch etc., used by many fiber communication enterprises and R&D institutes, such as Daheng Optics, Oplink Communications, O-Net Technologies (Group) Limited, etc., our EDFA module are also widely used in fiber sensing system.
While OSCOM develop the fiber processing equipments, can supply all kinds of fiber coupler, fiber combiner, and PM optical components, etc., expert in 1x4 fiber coupler, 850nm multimode fiber coupler, mini size fiber coupler, PM fiber coupler, PM fiber combiner, etc., meanwhile we also can make high power fiber combiner and QBH fiber cable, these components are used on domestic and overseas markets.
OSCOM is the professional manufacturer of fiber/laser instrument/equipment/component, depends on the company staff, customers and partners, keep struggling and innovating, OSCOM will create more and more with all of us.

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